Journal / thanks.

thanks to everyone who came to the show last night at the bowery ballroom.
and thanks to everyone who worked on the show.
and thanks to everyone who performed.
here’s a list, but it’s incomplete…
thanks to:
scott frassetto
laura dawn
luci butler
daron murphy
jonathan ames
steve walsh
dave ordas
stephanie lafera
barry taylor
marsha vlasic
george webb
jeffery witte
lee millazzo
chris cruz
see, i could just keep going on, but the list would always be incomplete.
and one reason that thanks are due for so many people is that basically everyone worked for free.
some people got paid, which is understandable, but most of us performed and/or worked for free(so that we could try to give some money to the imnf and
i, for one, had a wonderful time.
it was great being able to play so many songs that we’d never played before.
and i always enjoy dj’ing, even if i only dj once every few years…
so, thanks.
hopefully we’ll be able to do it again someday.

Journal / Thanks

in the airport in l.a now.
i wanted to write to say thanks to all of the people who came out to the video shoot in the desert on saturday.
i hope you all had fun, and thanks for your patience. thanks especially to the people who stayed until 3 a.m.
now it’s time to fly to the uk.
more later.