Journal / Sunday

well, the cat’s out of the bag…
the next single from ’18’ will be ‘sunday (the day before my birthday)’.
i don’t know when it will be released exactly, sometime in march would be my guess.
it will have 2 b-sides, ‘and i know’ and ‘i.s.s’.and it will have a whole host of remixes, per usual (in fact pete tong played the ‘west london deep mix’ when i saw him at centro-fly the othernight. it sounded good to me, but then i might be a bit biased…).

and the video will once again involve the aliens who were first given life by style-wars in the ‘in this world’ video. as a reminder, in the ‘in this world’ video the tiny aliens came to earth and no one noticed them (apart from me, and i see aliens all the time, so it wasn’t such a big deal, but they are very nice aliens, i wasn’t being rude, just blase).
so in the ‘sunday’ video they return to earth with a big sign and people recognize them and they become celebrities and they start going to sleazyhollywood parties and they get fat from vegan junk food (all aliens are vegan) and they start doingendorsements for sleazy companies and drinking too much and riding around with models in limos and yes, it is a bit of a self-parody, thank you very much.
at some point they have a moment of clarity and they see that they’ve become fat and bloated and depressing so they get back into their tinyspace-ship and they fly back to their planet where they have a picnic and play frisbee with their dog (which would be autobiographical if i had a space-ship, a frisbee, and a dog).
so, that’s ‘sunday’. we’ll let you know the release date when we know the release date.
oh wait, sorry, i need to write this in a hipper more contemporary and colloquial way, here goes:
whattup y’all!! just hollerin’ at ya to peep ya to the fact that our new joint is gonna drop sooooonnn!!!
so get on the phones and call your local radio station and tell ’em what u wanna hear!!!!
peace out from the big boyzzz at m.o.b.why?
(a wholly owned subsidiary of pepsi co, all rights reserved. any likeness to any human being now living or ever having existed is hereby deemedunenforceable by california statute 79855-a.)

p.s-the onion headline ‘migrant worker family thrilled to see selves on cover of ‘the economist” made me laugh out loud. i love the onion.