Journal / Suck At Playing Bowling

ok i suck at bowling.
i went bowling today and my first 2 frames were strikes and from there it was a steady progression downwards. by the end i was bowling like a 9 year old with a 50 pound ball.
and as i got worse my bowling partners got better.
and can i draw attention to the fact that bowling, once the domain of the working class, has become a rich man’s sport?
6 people bowling two games at the chelsea piers ended up costing $130.
it would’ve been cheaper to rent polo ponies.
when did bowling become this absurdly expensive pasttime?
what are we paying for? the fancy computer graphics when you get a gutter ball?
no. the real estate. there are, as far as i can tell, only 3 bowling alleys in manhattan, as bowling alleys are kind of space intensive and not necessarily the most cost-efficient use of pricey nyc real estate.
but still…$130 for 6 people to go bowling?

i guess it wouldn’t have stung so much had i actually played well. oops, bowled well. one doesn’t ‘play’ bowling.
‘hey, you guys wanna go play bowling?’
but why not?
why is it ok to say ‘play: baseball, football, tennis, basketball, etceteraball’.

but not ok to say ‘play: bowling’?
henceforth i will say play bowling whenever i go and spend too much money being humiliated in the bowling arena.
did i mention that i suck at playing bowling?