Journal / so the first flu of the year has hit me like a bag of sandy potatoes.

so the first flu of the year has hit me like a bag of sandy potatoes. which isn’t so bad, actually. with the flu i get to cancel everything on my schedule and lie in bed and read f. paul wilson books. it’s sort of like a mini-vacation, albeit one attended by fever and aches and general disgustingness.i’m headed to dc in a few days for the inauguration, and hopefully mr. flu will have abated by then.

a relative aside: today i saw bush’s last press conference. it was sort of sad, as he’s clearly aware that his presidency has been an abject failure. the look in his eyes as he tried to convince the press corps that history will be the ultimate judge of his presidency was one of ‘please agree with me, please please agree with me?’ and then he entered into a litany of his failures. no wmd’s in iraq. ‘mission accomplished’. ignoring new orleans during and after katrina. the economy falling apart. abu ghrab. no social security reform. etc. it almost seemed like self-flaggelation as he went on and on, as if to show that he’s not a sheltered idiot and he’s aware of the deep and extensive failings of his presidency. i’d be tempted to feel sorry for him if he hadn’t left the country and the world in such terrible shape.

i mean, how must it feel to watch your approval rating go from 90% to 25%? to go from being feared and revered on a national stage to being pitied and reviled everywhere you turn? again, it would tempt me to feeling sorry for him if it wasn’t his own hubris that was his complete undoing.

i’m hopeful that obama and his cabinet will, at the very least, be rational and competent administrators. obama is inheriting a mess, a huge mess, and i don’t envy him having to spend the next few years trying to fix the disastrous republican legacy that’s being left for him. but at least his governance will be informed by reason and practicality, and not hubris and ideology.

ok, more from dc when i get there.