Journal / so i had brunch at counter today and was then walking through tompkins sq park

so i had brunch at counter today and was then walking through tompkins sq park (to go and be a creepy voyeur and look at the little dogs in the dog run) and i saw a hawk (or falcon?) just hanging out (or standing, rather) in a tree.

i’m not sure if this has happened where you live, but hawks and/or falcons have returned to new york in big numbers. i guess they’ve returned because there are so many tasty things for them to eat on the streets of new york. pigeons, rats, babies, etc. ok, i don’t think they eat babies (although i’m sure they’re tempted. probably tempted by tasty little chihuaha’s, too).

a while ago i was up at my old apartment uptown and some hawks were circling and eyeing me and trying to figure out if i was food. i guess they ultimately decided that i was too large and too stringy(being a free-range vegan)for them to consider eating. it was a bit disconcerting, though, having something looking at me trying to decide if it could take me down and eat me. i guess the fact that i weigh about 15 times what the hawks weighed kind of worked in my favor and kept me from being eaten.

when the hawks and/or falcons first returned to nyc you would only occasionally see them at the tops of fancy buildings, but now they even deign to come downtown and hang out in the low branches of trees in punk rock parks.

i took a picture of the hawk today. no telephoto lens. no crazy fancy camera. no zoom. just a little hawk hanging out looking for things to eat. i guess the re-fauna-fication of new york will proceed apace, and we’ll have bears and wolves prowling around eating hot dogs and pretzels and tourists. maybe eventually the mega-fauna will return and sabre tooth tigers will start hanging out at subway stations, eyeing the tasty mini-fauna in their skinny jeans and black converse hi-tops.