Journal / Reminder

you know, in poring over all of these news reports about the deceit and misdirection that came from the bush administration in the months leading up to the iraqi war, and now dealing with the deceit and misdirection coming from the bush administration as they’re dealing with the fallout from their original deceit and misdirection i’m reminded of a quote that was sent to me by bt:

truth never damages a cause that is just.


Journal / Reminder

just a reminder of some salient points re: the election.

a- gw bush lost the popular vote by 300,000 votes.

b- gw bush’s brother is the governor of florida (jeb bush), and jeb’s mistress basically ran the election.

c- gw bush won the florida election by less than 200 votes.

d- gw bush actively blocked a recount in florida, which most likely would’ve resulted in his losing.

e- the supreme court justices who helped bush block the recount were nominated by george bush senior, and ronald reagan.

f- in florida 3% of the votes in predominantly white voting districts were disqualified, while 10% of the votes in predominantly black voting districts (which returned 97% in favour of gore) were disqualified.

please remember these facts during the next 4 years.


p.s- sorry to bring this up again, but it’s worth remembering that if ralph nader had removed himself from the election before november 7th, then al gore would be our next president.