Journal / Reading Posts

sitting here in l.a getting ready to go over to the universal amphitheater and play for this kroq radio show.

in answer to some of your questions, i do, of course, look at the boards and the posings on occasion. i don’t actually post myself, cos in a weird way that seems like it would be cheating.

i did read an apology from spock that was very touching. there’s a quote: ‘a kind word turns away wrath’ that seems somehow appropriate.
thanks for your apology, spock, that was very kind of you.

as i said in an earlier update, it’s fine if people have differing opinions, but it’s not ok if the expression of those differences degenerates into slander or cruelty. but you all seem to be very accepting and tolerant, which is admirable.

and yes, i do tend to wear the same clothes over and over again, because, to be honest with you, i don’t have that many clothes. for whatever reason i tend to be quite comfortable wearing the same clothes over and over again rather than having to think about new clothes to wear.
it seems simpler, somehow.

l.a is warm and sunny, and after nyc/oslo/d.c/chicago/seattle/etc a little bit of warmth and sun is really welcome.
i like the cold, but there’s something to be said for stepping out of an airport into warm and sunny weather.

ok, off to the theatre.