Journal / Parents In Da Hizouse

although i’m single and have no children, i do know quite a lot of people who have kids. and i’m in awe of the selflessness and magnanimity of parents. i lead my life in quite a selfish way, meaning that i wake up when i want to wake up and i sleep when i want to sleep and i eat when i want to eat, etc. my friends who are parents are living their lives based on the needs and schedules of their children, and i find that to be really beautiful and impressive. i imagine that the rewards and joys of parenthood are sublime, but i’m still impressed with the sacrifices and selflessness that parents employ in the service of their children. and i hope that if the rest of us decide to have children that we will be as loving and selfless as most of the parents that i know. and i hope that the rest of us who don’t have children think seriously about the challenges and sacrifices the will present themselves when and if we do decide to become parents.

of course some people become parents and, sadly, realize that they’re not cut out for the role.
this is sad, but in some cases it’s inevitable. there are a lot of single parent families in the world.
and there are a lot of really healthy and wonderful single parent families in the world.
so i guess, in hip-hop parlance, i’m sending a shout out to all of the parents in da hizouse.
(who first said or wrote ‘hizouse’? they should win some sort of medal. as well as the person who invented the spork.) so, big up to all the parents in da hizouse.