Journal / Opinions

so, i should point out that just because i post my opinions here it doesn’t mean that i expect everyone to agree with me.
what i post here are my opinions.
and as they’re my opinions they’re subject to change.
most of the time when i post opinions about politics i do actually spend some time thinking about the issues and even doing a bit of research. but that doesn’t make me right, just marginally informed.
i certainly welcome dissent on these boards. i like when people disagree with me, for it forces me to reevaluate my own beliefs and also to look at certain issues from a different perspective. it seems to me that it’s a fairly healthy dialectic, even if it is moderately rancorous at times.

and i have been told that the ubb boards should be up and running very, very soon.

and we might even update the site a little bit with some new photos, etc.
although i have gotten kind of used to having a simple little web site that always looks the same.
ok, have a nice weekend.


Journal / Opinions

one thing that i’m quite proud of is the fact that the people who post messages on this web site tend to be smart and thoughtful and interesting and tolerant.

on occasion i’ve read some posts that seem very very mean spirited. i really hope that this site can be a nice little bastion of civility in what is often a very vitriolic cyber-world.

there was a post recently where someone referred to al gore as a ‘gay faggot’.
i don’t want to censor anyones writing, but that kind of slander is antithetical to everything that i and this site stand for.

i respect anyone’s thoughtful opinion even if it diverges wildly from my own beliefs.
but i don’t respect ignorant, homophobic slander, sorry.
for example, i’m pro-choice, but i respect people who are anti-choice if they are able to present their position in an intelligent and balanced way, etc.

i don’t want people to agree with me. i just want people to think for themselves, come to their own conclusions, and respect the options and conclusions that other people have arrived at.

but to re-iterate, this site is the wrong place for ignorant, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, or anti-semitic slander.