Journal / ok, some random camera-phone shots from yesterday.

camera phone pictures are notoriously low-res, which in some cases can sort of add to their appeal.
or can just make them look cheap and low-res-y.
in any case:

random picture #1:
some public housing in chinatown at 3 a.m.  i like how these tall public housing structures look like
odd walls of lightbulbs/installation art, like 2001 lightbulb monoliths.

chinatown tower block

random picture #2:
this warning is confusing.  are they saying that standing in the vicinity of this metal box
will anger zeus and compel him to smite you with a lightning bolt?  or, more specifically, that if you’re wearing a pimp suit and pimp shoes from 1973 that zeus will be angered and hurl lightning
bolts?  that zeus has some odd aversion to pimps?  i shall henceforth refrain from wearing pimp suits in the vicinity of this metal box, so as to limit the likelihood that zeus will smite me with a lightning bolt.

utterly random cameraphone shot #3:
the other night i was asked by tim from les savvy fav to be in an episode of beardo.
here’s a still of tim singing a chorus with andrew wk.
andrew wk looks glamorous, but tim looks especially glamorous in his thigh high yellow socks, rainbow arm warmers, and snug red underpants.
the video shall be posted on friday, i believe.

ok, that’s it for random low-res camera phone shots.
and can someone explain to me why crazy angry governor blogovich in illinois hasn’t resigned already?  one would think that when the illinois legislature votes 113-0 to have you impeached that you might want to heed their expert advice and consider another line of work.