Journal / oi vey with the extreme right already

oi vey with the extreme right already…

bill o’reilly and the other right-wing nut jobs seem to believe that it’s their job to defend christmas from the pagan and semitic hordes sharpening their sabres at the gate of the christian village.
i mean, not to split hairs, but what exactly is christian about christmas?
i see the same ‘christ’ prefix(or prix fixe…ha ha. bad joke)in both words, but in looking closely at christmas i can’t see that it’s roots are much more than a pagan holiday.
we celebrate christmas on december 25th, although i think that you’d be hard pressed to find a reputable theologian who believes that christ was born on december 25th. dec 25th was the winter solstice a couple of thousand years ago, so when they were converting pagans they basically said, ‘become christians and we’ll let you keep your winter solstice holiday, just replace ‘saturnalia’ with ‘christmas’, ok?’. to which the pagans said, ‘do we get to keep our fertility symbols, like evergreen trees and mistletoe?’ to which the early christians probably said, ‘feh, sure, why not?’

so, i would ask bill o’reilly and his developmentally disabled and egregiously angry ilk, what exactly is christian about christmas?
the stockings hung by the chimney with care?
the gay apparel?
the big fat man who breaks into your house to steal milk and cookies while corrupting the kids with mind-melting toys?
colored lights?

there are 2 things that are nice about christmas: the fact that people gather together and are generally nicer to one another than usual, and the fact that people occasionally think about the teachings of christ, i.e-love, forgiveness, compassion, humility.

oh, and new york city. new york city is even prettier around christmas time.
ironic seeing as new york is the most multi-cultural place on the planet.

bill o’reilly and his dimwitted friends on the extreme right are all worked up about ‘defending christmas’ because they don’t want people to stop and reflect on just how badly the right wing have governed in the last couple of years. the right control every aspect of american government, the executive branch, the house, the senate, the judiciary, and most of the governorships.
but the country is in the toilet. we have a disastrous war, a president who lies about just about everything, skyrocketing deficits, out of control health care costs, the highest per-capita incarceration rate of any 1st world country, illegal leaks from the white house to the press, indicted republican leaders, and so on and so on.
so perhaps the extreme right think that americans will be distracted by a ‘let’s defend christmas against the infidels’ initiative and thus forget about the dead soldiers in iraq and the fact that no wmd’s were ever found and so on and so on.
i’m not trying to politicize christmas. christmas is nice just the way it is, with family gatherings and nice songs and excited kids getting presents on christmas morning and so on.
the extreme right are politicizing christmas because they have nothing else going on that doesn’t remind the world of just how bad they’ve been at running the country.