Journal / oh, occasionally i hear people saying, ‘why not criticize democrats?’

oh, occasionally i hear people saying, ‘why not criticize democrats?’ my answer: because i’m a blind ideologue unwilling to look at my own or others failings unless they disagree with me. ok, that’s not my answer. my answer is that the democrats haven’t given me much to criticize as of late.

of course blagojojothedancingmonkeyvich is a disaster. a train wreck. a self-serving pol of the most insane degree. he should retire/resign/be run out of town on a rail. and spitzer was an entitled, arrogant dick-for-brains (literally).

my feeling is simply that at present the democrats are a bit better than the republicans. after a few years the republicans might be a bit better than the democrats (if they can focus on core issues, and not stem-cells and walls between the u.s and mexico and terri schiavo and creationism and etc).

give me some good, moderate, sane, informed republicans and i’ll happily support them. give me some bad, loony, corrupt democrats and i’ll happily criticize them. i’m only partisan insofar as the democrats have been better than the republicans as of late. the democrats seem sane, the republicans seem loony. the democrats seem moderate, the republicans seem extremist. i like centrism and moderation, compromise and collaboration, even between people who virulently disagree with each other. i’m glad to see the back of bush and his extremist republicans, not because they were ‘republicans’, but because they were truly awful, inept, self-serving, and corrupt. and i’d love to see a resurgence of smart, informed, moderate republicanism, just as the last 8 years has given us a resurgence of smart, informed, moderate democrats. when one party holds party there’s almost inevitably corruption. i hope that the republicans are able to help the democratic majority find a centrist, moderate, and balanced place from which to govern. and i hope that the democrats aren’t too corrupted by their control of just about everything, for we all know that political power can shift in an instant, and todays majority is tomorrows ineffectually screeching from the sidelines minority. luckily the current crop of democrats seem more motivated by reason and moderation than they do by rabid ideology. let’s hope it stays that way, and let’s hope that the moderate republicans can meet the moderate democrats in the middle in order to actually help the country and the world through good governance.

sorry to be dull and moderate, but well, i guess i’m dull and moderate.