Journal / Nobel Peace Prize

so last night we played at the nobel peace prize award concert. an interesting event, if not for the circumstances, then for the fact that it was the first time that i’ve played in front of 10,000 people wearing suits and ties and evening dress. and the lineup was so eclectic:
bon jovi, femi kuti, lee anne womack, westlife, a korean opera singer, me, natalie cole, eros rammazotti, a welsh opera singer, etc
how odd, huh. but nice, nonetheless.

and i’m trying to follow the supreme court goings on, but it seems that as i write this not much is going on. i imagine that when i get back to the states they will have issued a ruling. in some ways i feel sorry for whoever ends up as the next president. if bush ends up as president he will have the least justified presidency in the history of the united states. what sort of legislation will he be able to pass with an evenly divided house and senate? and what sort of legitimacy will he be seen as having if he won the election but lost the popular vote by 300,000? not to mention the fact that he’s actively tried to suppress the counting of votes in florida where, if he wins, he will have won by a margin that’s beyond narrow and certainly questionable.

if bush wins i will almost have pity on him. and i do find it to be kind of funny that the republicans are all up in arms about gore challenging the florida count seeing as bush lost the popular vote. the old expression ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ comes to mind.

it’s going to be an interesting 4 years, huh.

ok, time to go back to the states and all of it’s constitutional confusion.