Journal / New York City Night

still in new york city
how nice. i get to sleep in my own bed with my own comfy sheets and blankets. how pedestrian, i know, but nice nonetheless.

i just got back from the vh1-vogue awards, and i got to meet some of my idols, which is a very interesting thing. i spent a long while chatting with john lydon (johnny rotton). this was particularly remarkable for me, for when i was younger i had a strange and obsessive love for public image ltd. and the sex pistols. so to meet john lydon and to have a conversation as peers was really nice. and i chatted with paul mccartney and keith richards, rock stars certainly, but not as impressive for me as hanging out with john lydon. and i had a nice time chatting with kyle mcclachlan (dune! twin peaks!).

a fun, new york city night. and now it’s 5am and i should probably be smart and go to sleep.

are my posts mundane? am i more intriguing when i’m keeping my opinions to myself? maybe i should learn to shut up and be esoteric and vague…
ok, time for sleep.