Journal / My Christmas

is it wrong of me to like the fact that christmas has become, in many ways, a non-denominational holiday?
i spent the 24th with my friend eddie who is jewish by birth. his wife is roman-catholic by birth. but the two of them are now practicing hindus who plan on celebrating christmas with their beautiful little daughter (she’s 2, obessed with shoes, and has more personality than all of us put together).

christmas has a very personal religious signigicance for me (i love christ, so therefore i like to celebrate the day when he was supposedly born. it makes me happy.), but i also love the fact that christmas can be celebrated by anyone. and it can be celebrated as a secular or spiritual holiday as the celebrants see fit. that makes me happy. but is that heretical of me to appreciate the broad and secular nature of christmas? i like to see people filled with the spirit of christmas, which for me can be anything from being altruistically disposed to my fellow humans or just getting excited about the pretty lights.
now i have to go cos, in theory, i’m having a cable modem installed.
which means no more endless waiting for all of those dwarf-porn sites i’m so fond of.