Journal / Music

oh, that’s right, i’m not just a diletantte who on occasion writes about the weather and republicans and monkeys and more weather.
i’m just finishing up my next record(s).
yes, record(s).
i hope(reliant upon the kindness and altruism of my record companies)to release 2(yes, 2)cd’s next march.
cd1 will be a cd of songs. some conventional. some not. but songs.
and cd2 will be an ambient cd. ambient might be a dirty word in some circles, but i love the idea of subtle, melodic, atmospheric music that can either exist in the fore or back ground.
and cd1 will contain a cover.
i don’t often cover other peoples songs.
but cd1 will contain a cover.
and the hint is…i bought a 7″” single in the early 80’s and it was very difficult to determine the artist because the artwork looked like blue flecked linoleum on the 7″” sleeve.
eh, you’ll figure it out soon enough.
it’s very pretty, if i do say so myself.