Journal / merry almost christmas.

merry almost christmas.

as i write this it’s 7pm in nyc and i was just watching the news and there was a story about how thousands and thousands of people are stranded in airports and train and bus stations. oof, that’s terrible. being stranded in o’hare and having sbarro for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sounds awful at the best of times, but during the holidays?

again: oof. but on a happier note, i hope that you’re somewhere nice with people you like, and i hope that you’re lucky and that you’re not stranded in an airport or bus station.

i’m in chinatown for christmas, and it’s a bit disconcerting, as chinatown on december 24th and 25th is exactly the same as chinatown on december 23rd and 26th. tomorrow for christmas i’m going to go for a long walk through chinatown, maybe getting vegan dim sum before heading to work at my studio. the early christmas gift from the weather gods (weather sounds less mundane when it’s the province of the gods) is that it’s bizarrely warm in nyc. i’m sure it’s just a momentary reprieve, but tonight is 60 degrees, as opposed to 2 days ago when it was -10 with wind chill.

ok, happy holidays, merry christmas, happy channukah, happy kwanzaa, happy saturnalia.