Journal / Loudmouth

first let me apologize for my, at times, heated political opinions. nobody likes a loudmouth, so i apologize for occasionally being a big fat loudmouth. and i certainly don’t expect anyone to agree with me, i just sometimes like to indulge in my loudmouthedness. and regarding the ‘south side’ single, and singles in general… one thing to keep in mind is that the record companies don’t make much money off of singles (and, accordingly, neither do i). so when a record company puts out a single they’re usually doing it for marketing reasons (i think). and regarding the 2 track ‘south side’ single, umm, i don’t fully understand it myself. ah well. i do think that the longer ‘south side’ single with remixes and b-sides is a nice little cd (is it out yet?), but i don’t fully understand the release of the 2 track single. i just have to trust in the wisdom of the mandarins who run the different labels.

ok, off to d.c…..hmmm…interesting place to be going what with all of the constitutional nonsense…

3 updates in 36 hours… i’m going to have to start rationing myself.