Journal / Long, Lazy Circles

i just went to my first ever roller-disco.
and i was perfectly content to wear rollerskates and go around the rink in long, lazy circles, but some of these guys (and girls) were so accomplished and competitive.
it was fun, but kind of humbling, for these skaters were amazing.
there’s me just skating in simple circles, and these other people are skating backwards and dancing and jumping around and going twice as fast as me and etc. but it was fun. especially watching this little old man (about 5 feet tall) from the dominican republic trying to teach a danish woman (who was over 6 feet tall) how to dance on roller skates. i hope i get an invite to their wedding. and i hope i get to take pictures of their kids. who i’m sure will be born wearing skates and listening to house music. there is something so psychedelic about watching a hundred people move gracefully skating around each other without ever colliding. and i’m sure i’ll wake up tomorrow with pains in parts of my legs that i had hitherto been unaware of. how do people skate backwards? i could practice for a hundred years and i just know that i’d never learn how to go backwards on roller skates. that’s why i’ll always be the guy doing the long, lazy circles around the roller-rink while these other people dance and skate like superstars.