Journal / Last Time….

one last time….

a few people have asked me why i support al gore.
ok, here’s why. although i’ve never met the man i’ve read quite a few interviews that he’s given, and based on these interviews i believe him to be a smart (extremely so, actually), analytical, ethical, compassionate, and decent man. he also has a pretty deep understanding of how things work in washington, which, to add to his already pretty lengthy list of failings, george w. does not.
al gore is pro-choice, george w. is not.
al gore is pro-environment, george w. is not.
george w. is in the pocket of the nra, al gore is not.
george w. is a belligerent frat boy with all of the moral character of a can of spam, al gore is not.
george w. laughs at people who’ve been executed, al gore does not.
al gore supports funding for the arts, george w. does not.
al gore has a deep and broad understanding of foreign policy, george w. does not.
al gore is smart, george w. is not.
and that’s why.

i’m sorry to have written so obsessively about this election, but it’s important to me. i encourage you all to vote. and i’ll try to write about things other than gore v bush.