Journal / i want to hear your covers of ‘almost home’

some friends of mine did a cover of 'almost home' and i loved what they did with it, so then i asked a few other friends to do cover versions of 'almost home', and i loved what they did with it. so now i'm asking: will you do a cover of 'almost home'? because i'd love to hear what you do with it.

listen to the covers here.

and if you are able to sell it you can keep the record sale royalties, and i'll take my share of the publishing and give it to the humane society. to keep me honest and, hopefully, un-mercenary.

please feel free to cover it however you want. and record however you want: in a studio with an orchestra, on your iphone, on an old cassette, etc. and if you just want to cover it and put it on youtube or somewhere that's cool, too.

also, the chords are really simple… here you go: d major. a major. g major. that's the whole song… the lyrics are below:

i'm excited to hear what you come up with.

submit your own cover via a youtube video here.