Journal / i just went to see the ‘the wrestler’ with mickey rourke

i just went to see the ‘the wrestler’ with mickey rourke. it’s a good movie. in fact it’s a really good movie that somehow successfully skirts the line between cliche and originality. it’s a very good movie, but mickey rourke’s performance is phenomenal.

i don’t know much about acting, but i can’t remember seeing an actor inhabit a pathos-laden and disturbing role as flawlessly as mickey rourke does in ‘the wrestler’. his performance is perfect. heartbreaking and disturbing and almost painfully endearing. there’s really no question but that he should win the academy award for best actor. be warned, though, the trailer for the movie makes it look a lot more conventional than it actually is. but it’s a really good movie with the best performance by an actor that i think i’ve ever seen. or at least that i’ve seen in a really long time. thanks,