Journal / i added a few more songs to my myspace profile.

i added a few more songs to my myspace profile.
was i the last person to find out that you can have 6 songs up there?
i also took at look at the genre choices that are available and made
the appropriate changes/choices.
i picked the 3 genre’s that make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.
and what’s odd is that of the 18,000 genre’s that the nice people at myspace
make available to musicians they somehow forgot to include ‘disco’.
maybe someone could let the myspace technical people know
that while ‘acoustimatic/tape-music’ is a listed genre, ‘disco’ is not.
this seems like a glaring oversight as everyone loves disco.
ok, allow me to rephrase that, i love disco.
and my friends seem to like it a lot, too.
i hope that you’re having a nice holiday time.
and hopefully i’ll see you new years eve at studio b in greenpoint.
it has the makings of a really fun night(said fun greatly enhanced by the fact
that it only involves a taxi ride to get home afterwards, and not an airplane. see,
i’m nothing if not provincial.).
in other news i was just watching a national geographic special on the
other planets in our solar system.
note to self: don’t try to live anywhere except for earth.
as exotic as living on, say, jupiter might seem, said exotic-ism might be tempered
by the fact that it is actually just toxic gas and a mercury core with a density that
is 14,000 times that of our friendly little earth.
maybe a nice place to visit, but not exactly somewhere you might think
about settling down and raising a family.