Journal / holiday party

tonight is the moby inc holiday party, so we’ve decided to rent a karaoke bar, because nothing says ‘holiday good times’ like an open bar and karaoke.
it’s funny how people(well, many people)respond to karaoke with paralyzing terror.
i love karaoke. i’m a sub-par singer at best, but i still love karaoke.
i especially love simple songs that don’t require great vocal abilities.
but i’ve been canvassing the moby/teany/etc employees and they all seem terrified by the thought of doing karaoke in front of their co-workers and peers.
once they see me and my disastrous karaoke attempts i’m sure that they’ll all feel differently.
hopefully the thought ‘wow, he’s my boss, he’s sold millions of records, and he’s egregiously terrible at karaoke’ will loosen them up a bit.
nothing says ‘join in’ like seeing someone doing something badly.
i wonder which song(s) i’ll sing?
there are 2 types of karaokee-r’s.
type 1-always sings the same song, or songs.
type 2-has never sung the same song twice.
i fall into the type 2 category. which is foolish. because at some point it might make sense for me to learn 1 or 2 songs well and only sing those. but i’m dim, and i insist on singing a new and different song every time i karaoke.
if, in fact, ‘karaoke’ is a verb.
it might be an elusive noun/verb, like ‘fish’ or ‘light’.
i’m feeling that tonight might be a neil diamond karaoke night.
i can’t do ‘i am, i said’, cos that requires real singing.
i could maybe do ‘sweet caroline’, cos that’s always a crowd pleaser.
‘girl, you’ll be a woman soon’ is nice, too, even if it was tainted by ‘pulp fiction’.
wait, was it in ‘pulp fiction’?
i’ll probably opt for ‘sweet caroline’ cos i’m such a shameless populist.
and it’s easy to sing.
and everyone knows the words.
and i’m a shameless populist.