Journal / happy new year from australia!

happy new year from australia!

last night in lourne was great, 30,000 people surrounded by eucalyptus trees, dancing underneath a full blue moon. it was a bit disconcerting to have new years 18 hours before my friends in nyc had new years. sort of like i’d taken a small, 18 hour, time travel trip to the future.

it’s interesting, as we’re not just celebrating the beginning of 2010, we’re celebrating the end of the zeros. or the noughts. we’re celebrating the end of 2000-20009. of course good things happened in the last 10 years. but overall it was a bad, bad decade. for me the decade went terribly wrong on december 12, 2000. that was when the supreme court (filled with justices appointed by george bush and ronald reagan) delivered an unsigned decision stating that george w. bush had won the presidential election (even though gw bush had 1,000,000 fewer votes than al gore).

again, good things happened during the last 10 years. babies were born and people fell in love and great records and great books and great movies were made and read and watched. but it was also the decade of: september 11, 2001 gw bush saying ‘mission accomplished’ in iraq in 2003 when only 65 u.s servicemen had died. donald rumsfeld saying major combat was ‘over’ in afghanistan in 2002. gw bush flying over new orleans after katrina while bodies were rotting in the streets. and etc. in other words it’s a decade that many of us are happy to say goodbye to. people are trying to name the last 10 years. personally i’d go with ‘the zeroes’.

so, happy 2010. i hope that you had an amazing new years eve and that you’re not too hungover, and that 2010 is filled with happiness and love for you.