Journal / happy holidays!

happy holidays!
regardless of what you’re celebrating, happy holidays!
yee-haw, holidays!
some suggestions for a happy holiday season:
and, well, that’s all i can come up with right now.
i’ve never actually played paintball.
i know, i haven’t lived.
maybe that will be my new years resolution: paintball.
last year my resolution was to worry less.
that didn’t work out too well.
i hope that you’re with family and friends, unless you have crummy family and
friends, then i hope that you’re happily ensconced in the company of complete
i just hope you’re happy, regardless of who you’re with.
in other news: i saw the golden compass, it was good, why didn’t it do well?
did the accents confuse american young’n’s?
one more time: happy christmas or saturnalia or channukah or kwanzaa(invented
in 1966 apparently, but in no way less of a holiday than the others)or whatever
holiday you feel like celebrating. the great thing about all of the december holidays
is that they all are equally removed from the faiths that they purportedly celebrate(unless
someone can explain to me how a fat old guy riding nordic deer on the winter solstice is a celebration
of the summertime birth of christ in israel…not criticizing, i actually love the fun and awesome and nonsensical trappings of
christmas and how utterly arbitrary they are, really.).
and, to paraphrase the teachings of almost every world religion: be nice to each other.
happy holidays.