Journal / Happy Ch_____

a nice ch____ update…

i hope that wherever you are,
and i hope that whatever you do,
whether you’re snowed in or stuck in your car,
whether you’re muslim, christian, or jew(or pagan or
zoroastrian or buddhist or etc).

i hope that you’re surrounded by people
who love you as much as they should,
and i hope that they love you completely
whether you’ve been wholly bad or all good,

and i hope that you wake up tomorrow
and see what you most want to see
whether it’s a beautiful oil-filled menorah,
or some presents gathered under a tree.

and i hope that you go to sleep happy
and i hope that you wake up the same
and if anyone treats you unkindly,
you should ditch them cos they’re probably lame.

and remember that presents are thoughtful,
and gifts can be gaudy and fun,
but the best thing that we could e’er hope for,
is love and a place in the sun(although
the family guy box set is pretty sweet, i must say).

now i know that my skills as a poet
do truly leave much to be desired
and if i had a job in some sweatshop-style poetry mill
i know i would probably be fired.

but in closing just please let me finish,
and express a thought wise and of old,
be kind to the people who love you
for they’re truly more precious than gold.

thanks, and have a very merry:
christmas/channukah/chwanzaa/chmidwinte rpagansolstice/chetc,