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and for those of you who claim that guns make a society safer, just look at the number of annual gun deaths in the united states (approximate population 250 million) as opposed to the number of annual gun deaths in europe (approximate population 325 million).
in the united states there are, on average, 15,000 gun deaths per year.
in europe there are less than 1,000.
so guns make a society safer?
how so?

Journal / Guns

just got back from seeing u2 at madison square garden.
a very nice show.
i appreciate their politics. i appreciate the fact that a huge rock band actually challenges people aesthetically and politically. i could see the big guys around me getting uncomfortable when u2 had a short anti-gun film. that’s good.

it made me think that one thing we could all do as humans is to eliminate completely unnecessary suffering. there’s a lot of suffering that is difficult to remedy and almost intractable, but so much suffering is seemingly easy to do away with. gun violence. simple. guns aren’t natural phenomenon like tornadoes. guns could easily be done away with. make them illegal. why not? it’s worked in other countries.

somethings seem so ingrained in our culture (like, oh, slavery, child labour, ddt, etc) until they’re outlawed. then they, to a very large and significant extent, go away. so make guns illegal. across the board. illegal. and they will, to a very large and significant extent, go away. they’re just too dangerous to be owned and used by individual citizens. at least that’s my opinion.

i remember a few years ago looking at a photo essay of the people killed in the u.s by guns in one week, and it was heartbreaking. it was mainly children. and a good 95% of the people killed by guns are killed purely by accident. it is a complete and utter tragedy. the tragic fact is that there could be tens of thousands of happy, living people walking around the u.s if they hadn’t been killed in the last couple of years by arbitrary and accidental gun violence. how would you feel if your 6 year old daughter were no longer sitting across the table from you at dinner because the neighbors kids were playing ‘cops and robbers’ with their parents guns and your daughter just happened to get in the way?

just a question to think about. it’s time that we, collectively as a country, put aside some of our senseless and brutal traditions and started to comport ourselves like the responsible people that we claim to be.


Journal / Guns

how tragic……
i’ve just read about a gunman in massachusets who shot and killed seven of his office workers. another massacre. another gun related massacre. 7 more people who won’t be able to have breakfast with their families this weekend.

i guess that any of our hopes for sensible gun control legislation are going to have to wait for at least 4 years…and how many more innocent people will be shot to death in the next 4 years? it makes me sick. in light of all the shootings over the last few years i really don’t see how conservatives can continue to block gun control legislation.

just for the record, i do not believe that individuals should be allowed to own guns. they are too dangerous, and too many innocent people have died as a result of our national love affair with guns. i remember a time magazine article a few years ago wherein they had photographs of people who had died of gun related injuries. the absolutely tragic thing is that the majority of people who had been killed were children who had died by accident. children who had died while playing with their parents loaded guns. children who had died while a gun was being cleaned and accidently went off. and the most sickening, children who were mistaken for robbers and were shot by their parents.

it’s pretty simple logic, if we had substantial gun control laws (the laws that exist in every other western country) then fewer innocent people would die each year.
as was listed in an add that ran a few years ago:
number of gun related deaths per year in:
sweden: 4
uk: 16
japan: 12
united states: 12,000

and the ironic thing is that george bush senior (w’s dad) gave up his nra membership because he thought that the nra was too extreme.
perhaps more people should follow his lead.