Journal / Getting Into A Gig

ha ha ha…clinton didn’t win the popular vote in 92 and 96?
ha ha ha. that’s funny.
not to be pedantic, but he did win the popular vote. and the electoral vote.
ok, enough with the political nonsense.

i just wanted to pass on some tips about how to meet musicians and see shows for free, if you want to.
1- arrive early in the day and make friends with security people or crew members. be nice to them and kindly ask if maybe they can help you get in to the show. some crew members are mean spirited and will ignore you. others will try to take advantage of you for sex (if you’re a woman). but a lot of crew people are just nice and will probably help out.
2- fake a laminate. arrive early and look at the laminates that people are wearing. go to kinkos and try to copy the laminate (using artwork from the bands current cd can help, too). go back to the concert around the time that doors open (that’s when there’s the most confusion) and walk in non-chalantly. if anyone stops you say that you’re with ‘the radio station’ or ‘the record company’. it might work. carry a guitar case and talk actively with your friend as you’re walking in. that always helps.
3- get a black shirt with ‘security’ silk screened on it (in yellow or white). wear this with a fake laminate. if anyone asks say you’re with ‘the support band’.
4- talk to the venue or promoters office and find out about becoming a ‘loader’. a ‘loader’, or ‘local crew member’ is someone who helps pack and unpack the trucks.
5- here’s a tricky one…find out where the band is staying. send a fax to the hotel saying ‘attn: radiohead tour manager-deliver immediately’ (or whatever band is applicable) and then write your name down plus one and a few other friends names down plus one and maybe put a few radio station call letters next to the names of local newspapers or record stores. for example:
kim johnson +1 (kmel)
andrew smith +1 (best buy)
mike weaver +1 (times dispatch)
and then at the bottom write ‘sorry….thanks!’
it helps if you can actually find out the name of the tour manager. then when you get to the venue your name will hopefully be on the guest list.

some of these might work. good luck.