Journal / Flu

i will not succumb to the flu.
lousy little virus bastards trying to build condos in my throat.
i will resist.
like the mole. ‘vive la resistance’.
this is the test of my ‘burn everything out of your throat’ drink.
see, i’ve got a little bit of a cold and i’m going to hope and try to keep it from turning into a fully fledged put condos in moby’s throat flu, and the ginger/garlic/cayenne drink will be my ally.
and by condos i mean vicious little viral colonies. bastards.

and in other news i’ve know watched the 30 finalists from the ‘bushin30seconds’ ad contest, and they’re really good.
in fact most of the ad submissions are really good. it’s a shame that we can’t focus on more of the 2,000 ads that were submitted, cos 99% of them are very good and you can tell that a lot of work and a lot of creativity was put into them.

now i have to rest up so that i can annihilate the virus bastards who are trying to build condos in my throat.

Journal / Flu

just got back from italy/france, and i have a nasty little case of the flu.
bad timing, i guess. the moment that i landed in nice i came down with the flu. so my 26 hours in france and italy consisted of me sleeping with feverish, sweaty hallucinations and then getting in a van and driving to the theatre where we performed ‘south side’ for tv, and then driving back to the hotel and sleeping that sweaty, feverish sleep of the fluey.

ah well, i can’t complain. being ill is just part and parcel of being alive, i guess.
and i have to admire the intrepid nature of whatever tough little virus is waging war on me right now.

and apparently there’s some huge winter storm bearing down on nyc. at least i’ll have something to look at while i’m ill. sitting on my bed and watching the snow fall on my skylights is a really nice thing indeed.
ok, bye for now.