Journal / Film

so last night i went to see ‘billy elliott’, and i have to say that it was wonderful. very sentimental, but wonderful.
i know it’s naive of me, but i think that the little boy who plays billy should, at the very least, be nominated for a best actor academy award. and if there were justice in the academy system he would win. and, as far as i know, he had never acted before making this movie. remarkable.
and if the movie goes on to be really successful in the states it will be due to the fact that ‘fanny’ means 2 very different things in the uk and the u.s…

i’m a little bit preoccupied now, as i’m trying to learn how to use pro-tools and how to sync it up to cubase on my g3 and trying to find scsi to usb converters and etc etc.
but i’m preoccupied in a nice way. a nice way that could easily turn sour if suddenly all of my equipment were to stop working.

one of the most frustrating things in the world has to be when a piece of technology stops working and you have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with it…is it broken? does it need a little fonzie smack to make it work again? did i accidentally turn something off when i was in some weird sub-menu? etc?

but for the time being everything seems to be working, with the only mistakes occuring due to my feeble-mindedness.

hopefully these updates will be more interesting once i’ve figured out how to use my new stuff.
bye for now,