Journal / Fantasy

so i have this fantasy…
i have this fantasy that politics in america will somehow become more pragmatic and more moderate.
i have this hope that future politicians will be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
and i have this strange belief that most americans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal and will thus respond to candidates who practice fiscal conservativism and social tolerance.
and i have this strange inkling that the republicans will alienate people with their social conservativism(reactionary southern baptist atavism, etc), and that the democrats will only succeed by learning fiscal conservativism and responsibility.
at the end of the day i do believe that most people don’t really want the government taking a hefty percentage of their income in taxes, nor do they want the government intruding into peoples personal(aka bedroom and creative and religious expression)lives.
and i also believe that all americans are environmentalists, and i think that both parties should share the same pro-environmentalist platform.
there, that’s what i think.