Journal / “Fake Meat”

for a change i won’t write about functionally inept george w and how he is in no way qualified to be our president. instead i’ll say that i’m here in our nations capital and it’s an absolutely beautiful autumn day, not a cloud in the sky, and i’m happy cos today is daylight savings time and i’ve just been given a whole extra hour of time. did einstein’s theory of relativity take daylight savings time into account?

and i’ve developed a painful addiction to these ‘fake meat’ products made by this company called yve’s up in montreal. they make vegan canadian bacon that is borderline sublime. i never even liked real canadian bacon when i was an omnivore (16 years ago), but this fake canadian bacon is just remarkable. and their vegan breakfast sausages…how lovely. but enough about fake meat. i’ve read some posts wherein people have said really nice and glowing things about the concerts that we’ve done, and i can’t tell you how happy that makes me. i absolutely love touring and performing and meeting people, and the fact that you guys seem to enjoy the concerts makes it even more worthwhile. so, thankyou.

ok, time to go and do soundcheck.
bye for now,