Journal / Election Update

so that’s it. the republicans have stolen the election. i think that every republican in the country would do well to look up the expression pyrrhic victory and understand that by winning the election george w. has doomed his next 4 years as president. to put it bluntly, he’s fucked.

the will of the people has been ignored, trampled upon even. and it’s safe to say that the true colours of the republican party can be seen in their complete disregard for the democratic process. the republicans have, in my mind, established themselves as a bunch of tyrannical thugs, and the conservative members of the supreme court have shown themselves to be a collection of politicized hypocrites.

the americans who voted for george w. have now given every one else in the world endless fodder for anti-american jokes. it looks as if we have a moron as our president-elect. a lazy, mean spirited, imbecillic, frat boy. i will work harder than ever to make sure that in 2 years the republicans lose their majority in the house and the senate, and that in 4 years g.w is thrown out of the white house.
i urge you all to join me.