Journal / diamondsnake guitar/bass player dave hill has sent out an invite to the show on the 17th that is, i believe, awesome

diamondsnake guitar/bass player dave hill has sent out an invite to the show on the 17th that is, i believe, awesome.  

Diamondsnake rock show/Thursday, June 17, 8pm/Highline Ballroom 431 W 16th St between 9th and 10th Ave/with Persephone’s Bees + Miss Guy/$12

Attention People of New York City:

Hi.  This is your man Dave Hill.  Again.  Anyway, as many of you are well aware, in addition to my incredible show business exploits, I am also an unstoppable rock-n-roll machine.  And now- in addition to my rocking with my rock band Valley Lodge and the Walter Schreifels Band- I have joined forces with my friends Moby (international music person, recently paroled), Phil Costello (dynamic, bearded), and Tomato (vegetable-based, singularly-named) to play in Diamondsnake, an unstoppable rock band that plays music made to listen to in parking lots in New Jersey, preferably with the assistance of a time machine.  You can listen to it other places though if you are unable to listen to it in the way it was intended.  The music is seriously great, something I feel I can say objectively because I didn’t write any of it- the guys just asked me to be in the band because I shred and also I am pretty much the male version of a superfox and they needed a little eye candy for everyone in the front row and also the restroom.  Anyway, as rumored on the Internet and also my website and the band’s website at (Go there now and listen to the hits), we are playing our very first rock show at the Highline Ballroom, right here in town, on Thursday, June 17.  Joining us will be the great band Persephone’s Bees and Miss Guy, who will be DJing like the wind, playing rock songs and whatnot in between when the bands play.  It is going to be a super good time.  I just checked.  Also, if all of the above is not enough to make your computer explode, we even made an incredible music video for our hit song “Storm the F@#king Kastle.”  If you are at work right now, you should quit before watching it because it has swears and stuff in it.

The video is right here:

And also you can get more information on the rock show mentioned previously right here.

Rocking you so much,

Dave Hill

Hurray for the Internet- we did it, we really did it!