Journal / Damian Loeb

it feels strange to write this, but i do so out of respect for damian loeb.

damian and i had been friends for a long time, and for a variety of reasons our friendship has come to an end.i feel odd writing about something as personal as the end of a long-standing friendship, but i will do so to try and correct some gossip that has been floating around.

there is gossip purporting that damian and i have ended our friendship due to my unwillingness to loan him money. for what it’s worth, this is not the case.

damian is a successful painter and he has no need to borrow money from me. he is working on paintings for an upcoming show that are probably the best paintings that he’s ever made.

this might seem like a small and personal matter, but out of respect for damian i felt that i needed to set things straight. although he and i are no longer friends i still hold him in the highest regard and have nothing but respect for him both personally and professionally.