Journal / Cold And Dark NYC

ok, i know that in an earlier email i labeled people who left nyc for the holidays ‘traitors’.
well, i was obviously indulging in some good-natured hyperbole and pithy ribaldry, right?
but now i feel compassion for these aforementioned ‘traitors'(they’re not really traitors, by the way).
i feel compassion for them because the weather in nyc has just gone from lovely to foul-disgusting.
the last 10 days in nyc have been nice and quiet and fairly warm and lovely and great.
and now today, just as all of the turncoats are going back to work, it’s disgusting.
cold and dark and raining and glaswegian(nothing against glasgow, but it does get pretty cold, dark, and raining in scotland in january, right?).
so this morning i imagined all of these people returning from the caribbean or the bahamas or mexico or etc, and i couldn’t help but feel badly for them.
one minute they’re lying on the beach drinking mai-tai’s and being caressed by the balmy trade-winds, and then they’re on the 6(along with j-lo, she rides the subway a lot, i hear, being from the block)surrounded by cold, wet, depressed commuters.
and then walking from the subway stop to their place of employment being buffeted by cold wet gusts of winter air all the while thinking longingly of beaches and drinks in coconuts and all of the other accoutrements of tropical vacations.

so, welcome back, i’m sorry that the weather in nyc is so grim. and now to commiserate and demonstrate solidarity i’m going to go sit naked in a dumpster behind the deli.