Journal / Christmas Eve

hi everybody.
i’m back in nyc for christmas, and it’s cold. one of the nice things about christmas and christmas eve in nyc is that they’re the only 2 days of the year where the city is relatively quiet and peaceful. the fact that it’s so cold helps, too.
not a lot of late night pedestian traffic when it’s 18 degrees (fahrenheit, umm, that would be about minus 8 centigrade? maybe?) outside. and this year, for the very first time, i’ve bought a christmas tree. is it not one of the nicest things in the world to sit in a room with all of the lights off except for the strings of lights on the tree and just listen to quiet classical music and bask in the glow of the christmas lights? well, i think it’s a nice thing. and i’ve got my cute, chubby (although quite well proportioned, don’t want to hurt it’s feelings…) little tree sitting in the corner just glowing.

here’s an interesting little bit of trivia…did you know that, most likely, christ was born in the summertime? the reason that most historians agree on this fact is that, allegory aside, the shephards were tending their flocks by night. it gets very cold in the hills and mountains of palestine and israel at night in the wintertime, and no self-respecting shephard would sit outside in the wintertime at night, so, nost likely, christ was born in the summertime, when the shephards do actually tend their flocks by night. an interesting bit of trivia.

and, apparently, the reason that we celebrate christmas on the 25th is that a couple of thousand years ago that was the shortest day of the year, and the day of the biggest pagan holiday.
so when the early christians were converting people they apparently made a bargain with the convertees. they said, ‘we’ll let you keep your mid-winter holiday, but lets make it a christian holiday, instead’. interesting trivia. it might not be true, but it comes from a pretty good source.

ok, i’m off to bed now. have a lovely christmas or channukah or kwanzaa or whichever holiday you feel compelled to celebrate.
bye for now,