Journal / Cheated And Deceived

i swear, reading al franken’s book can make you angry. very angry.
i just finished the chapter in ‘lies and the lying liars who tell them’ about the bush administrations complete disregard for anti-terrorist legislation and actions before september 11th.
it’s very clear that before september 11th the bush administration were presented with numerous suggestions on how to deal with terrorism, not to mention the numerous reports on possible members of al-qaeda learning how to fly planes but not to land them and numerous reports indicating that al-qaeda might be planning on using airplanes as weapons and numerous reports that the world trade center might be targeted again.
and john ashcroft, in early september 2001, issued a paper outlining his justice department priorities, and terrorism wasn’t even on the list.
and donald rumsfeld threatened a presidential veto(is he the president? might as well be…)against anti-terrorism funding in a defense bill.
the clinton administration had put an anti-terrorism program in place and it was, of course, dismantled by the bush administration.
had the bush administration paid even the slightest heed to:
warnings from fbi agents
warnings from national security agents
warnings from members of the clinton administration
then september 11th could’ve most likely been avoided.
i can’t believe the things that the right wing in america have gotten away with.
and did you know that dick cheney was paid $30 million dollars by halliburton in 2000?
and that halliburton have been given $18 billion dollars in contracts for the rebuilding of iraq?
and that these contracts were awarded without any other bidders bidding on the work?
the list of right wing aberrations just goes on and on.
someday the truth will come out, and when the american people find out about what the right wing have actually been doing(and lying about) it will hopefully spell the end of the conservative right wing in america for ever.
they have lied to and cheated and deceived the people of the united states for too long.