Journal / aw man….

a right wing republican(surprise), virgil goode, is publicly stating that he believes that no united states political official should be a muslim.
he’s stating that u.s political officials should swear on the bible, and only the bible.
i mean, come on…aren’t you republicans embarassed by this sort of perpetual back-woods reich-wing nonsense?
to my republican readers: see, there’s this inconvenient(if you’re a right wing republican) document called the bill of rights.
it’s the preamble to the constitution upon which the united states was founded.
just fyi.
a central tenet of the bill of rights is freedom of religious expression.
allow me to clarify.
it doesn’t say ‘freedom of sanctioned religious expression’.
it doesn’t even say ‘freedom of monotheistic or judeo-christian expression’.
it says, to paraphrase, freedom of religious expression.
the bill of rights(aka-the document upon which our nice country is founded) also establishes freedom of expression.
again, not just freedom of conventionally accepted/sanctioned expression.
but freedom of expression, regardless of the expression(the focus being on the freedom part).
so if a new member of the house of representatives chooses to be a: sufi/christian/satanist/jew/muslim/taoist/pagan/etc, well, that’s their CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT.
and any dimwitted, atavistic right-wing republican who takes offense at this is taking offense at the bill of rights and the constitution, and thus taking the most egregiously un-patriotic stance that an american or an elected official is capable of taking.
virgil goode is, in essence, a treasonous anti-american, in that he is trying to restrict/stigmatize a fellow americans right to express himself freely and practice the religion of his choosing.
why cant democrats step up and say that to restrict someones constitutionally guaranteed freedoms is the ultimate act of unpatriotic treason??
to my republican readers: love america and it’s constitution, or move to some other country that respects your desire and willingness to restrict peoples rights to live and worship and express themselves as they see fit.

Journal / aw, man…

you know the ludicrous ‘left behind’ series?
well, now the ‘left behind’ people have launched a ‘left behind’ video game.
and in the video game you travel the streets of new york city and either convert people to christianity or kill them…
yeah, that’s a fantastic and positive message, just rife with good ole christian values…
oh, for the record, i’m being facetious.
where in the new testament does christ compel his followers to convert people at gun point and bloodily dismember them if they resist?
is that one of the missing books of the bible, Schwarzzeneggericus 4:17?
and this video game is being widely sold throughout the u.s.
just imagine how people would respond if there were a videogame wherein muslims or jews or hindus travelled the streets of dallas either converting or killing pedestrians?
would wal-mart sell that?
once again, mainstream christianity in the united states couldn’t seemingly be further from the actual message and teachings of christ.