Black Lacquer 2

In 1990, Moby’s label asked him to deliver a remix of ‘Go.’  It was the first remix he ever did, inspired by David Lynch and ‘Twin Peaks’.  The experience is recounted in a dedicated chapter, ‘Black Lacquer’, in his critically-acclaimed recent book, ‘Porcelain: A Memoir’.  Moby then went on to remix some of this century’s most prominent artists, from Michael Jackson to Metallica, Beastie Boys to Daft Punk, Ozzy Osbourne to Brian Eno.


To honor this, and to celebrate the creative spirit and collaborative power of remixing, Moby has reached out to a diverse and wide spectrum of electronic dance music artists to re-work four of his most seminal tracks, GOWhy Does My HeartNatural Blues and Porcelain.


With no shortage of remixers and producers from the worlds of EDM, Techno, House, and Drum and Bass, the result is over 40 outstanding and inspired remixes. Artists that have taken part include respected DJs Loco DiceOliver Heldens as Hi-LoAbove & BeyondHardwell, AdriatiqueTimo MaasShowtek and Rex The Dog.


With remixers in the past rarely benefiting from the success of their creativity, Moby offers full artistic license to all who contribute saying, ‘What they do with the remix is completely up to them, and if the track is a success, they can benefit’.